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Can you please tell me if I have Schizophrenia?

I think that I am developing Schizophrenia. I am 16 years old and a boy. I have been making a list of things over the weeks but I cant dinf it. I will try to remember some of that I put on it. I am one of the smaartest people in Connecticut according to me [...]

help with picking a domain name/website name?

i’m going to start up a free community website that people can upload their homework onto and then other people can use it to answer ?s about their homework — then people can ask/answer ?s about their different classes — i just need help finding a domain name — some of the ones that i’ve [...]

i am set for dd on Jan. 28. does anyone bank at A Plus Federal credit union? i am wondering if they will p?

i am wondering if they will post funds today Thursday the 27 or if it will be friday or later? My WMR still says direct deposit on Jan. 28. Any Aplus banking people out there to give me advice. Chosen Answer: Why don’t you call THEM and ask? by: Bostonian In MO on: 2nd February [...]

rare names you have heard for kids nice or stupid dont matter?

i know a chcik wanna name her kid aplus becuase no one has it and it be original…its ok i guess becuase i hate people stealing other parents kids original names they have chosen for they kids Chosen Answer: Here’s some weird/stupid names I’ve heard of. Shithead (shuh-theed) Moxie Crimefighter Pilot Inspektor Heavenly Hiraani Tiger [...]