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help with picking a domain name/website name?

i’m going to start up a free community website that people can upload their homework onto and then other people can use it to answer ?s about their homework — then people can ask/answer ?s about their different classes — i just need help finding a domain name — some of the ones that i’ve [...]

Does anyone know a good website builder?

IM ALREADY HOSTING WITH APLUS.NET BUT THEIR TEMPLATES ARE BORING. ID PREFER FREE OF COURSE AND MAYBE SOMETHING WITH FLASH i went through freewebs at first, not really what im looking for. i already have 2 domains that im hosting at and ive been through their site builder and yahoos keep searching thanks for [...]

Which is the best webhosting service with lots of templates to choose from…and offers a free site builder?

HI! I’m looking for a good webhosting service…….. I want one where I can design my website there easily (such as, , and 1and1) — Are there any others? I want one that offers a LOT of professional looking templates that are easy to use? THANKS! Chosen Answer: Industry specific templates with content. Integrated [...]

How do I unpublish a WSC website?

Using APlus.Net web hosting, I made a website with both WSC Website Creator and Trellix; however, I published the website with WSC. Now I’d like to unpublish it so that I can use my Trellix design. How do I do this? Chosen Answer: i have no experience with website creators, however i’m assuming the files [...]

computer repair like comptia Aplus?

where can you go online just to get your A plus certificate or schooling to prepare for the test, and little or no cost I dont make that much money Chosen Answer: this is a free site that has good info on a lot of certifications. Just have to sign up, which is free. [...]

I am looking for Aplus dvd copy free any suggestions?

I have tried some find this works to backup my dvd collection Chosen Answer: I suppose you mean “Apple” – if so, you enter into Apple through Google or Yahoo search, and you can get three free downloads that work on Microsoft and other computers. These are iTunes, iPhoto, and QuickTimePlayer, before doing any downloads, [...]